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State/Province: South Dakota
Zip/Postal Code: 1265
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Message: Dear to the Administrator! I’m Merri, and just a moment, envision this… - A person does a lookup and lands at - They linger for a moment to check it out. “I am interested… but… possibly…” - And then they click the back button and look at the other search results instead. - Ultimately – you got an eyeball, but nothing to prove for it. - There they go. This situation isn’t really your fault – it happens a lot – studies show 7 out of 10 visitors to any site vanish without leaving a trace. But you can fix that. Web Visitors Into Leads is a tool which is works on your site, ready to capture any visitor’s Name, Email address, and Phone Number. It allows you know immediately – permitting you to call that lead while they’re literally viewing your site. CLICK HERE to test a Live Demo with Web Visitors Into Leads right now to see exactly how it works. money when it comes to connecting with leads – the time difference between contacting someone within just 5 minutes versus 30 minutes later can be huge – like 100 times better! Plus, now that you have their phone number, with our new SMS Text With Lead feature, you can immediately start a text (SMS) conversation… so even if you don’t make a sale then, you can follow up with text messages for new offers, content links, or even just “how you doing?” notes to forge a relationship. Powerful stuff. CLICK HERE to discover what Web Visitors Into Leads can provide for your business. You might be converting up to 100X more leads right now! Merri PS: Web Visitors Into Leads offers a FREE 14 days trial – and it comes with International Long Distance Calling. You have customers eager to speak with you at this moment… don’t keep them waiting. CLICK HERE to try Web Visitors Into Leads today. If you'd prefer to unsubscribe click here Only a quick note - the names and email used here, Merri and Bennet, are placeholders and not actual contact information. We value transparency and wanted to make sure you’re aware! If you wish to contact with the genuine person responsible for this message, please visit our website, and we’ll associate you with the right individual.}